Who We Are

Our vision

For over 30 years Healius has been committed to providing best-in-class service to healthcare professionals and to facilitate quality Healius services to all Australians.

Our vision has remained strong and as a result we’ve become one of Australia’s largest healthcare companies.

Our network of healthcare professionals is responsible for 7% of total GP care in Australia. That’s eight million consults a year. We’re proud of our close-knit community of over 1,000 GPs nationwide.

When you begin your career at Healius, you’ll benefit from:

  • Services that help you focus on delivering quality medicine.
  • An experienced and professional team to support your everyday practice.
  • On-going learning and career development opportunities through our Healius Institute.
  • Flexible contract terms that suit your career goals and stage of life.
  • Connecting with and working alongside a network of experienced health professionals.
  • Complimentary coffee every day. It’s the little things that count!

We believe in creating a ‘medical home’

When you join Healius, you’ll have the opportunity to work with colleagues as well as pursue your specialist interests under one roof. Your patients will enjoy an unmatched level of effective and timely care in modern medical facilities.


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